Offering a collection of items to cultivate the aesthetic of the natural world and the beauty of imperfection.

Atelier MM is the design studio of Marisa McKay. Her combined background of nature and nurture has helped to hone her aesthetic tastes and Atelier MM is an illumination of elements she holds dear - quality, nature, nuance and elegant restraint. 

Atelier MM is committed to supporting sustainable local and global communities and resources and utilizes naturally derived, high quality materials, wherever possible. 

Influenced by an adventurous and creatively industrious heritage and ancestry, I draw inspiration from a diversity of aesthetic cultures, environments, practices and techniques.  Throughout my 2+ decades of professional experience in experiential design, I have worked in a broad array of mediums on all scale of projects.  I am passionate about the process of transforming ideas into reality, and am fortunate to have experience working with a wide array of materials – from natural to man made, and methods ranging from the vanishing arts to cutting edge technology, and the pride of cultivating successful endeavors with world class talents along the way. 

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